serverless on AWS


Hi! I’m Michael and I burn for all things serverless.

I’ve been working with serverless technolgies since 2018, where I made my first attempts at building an online ticketshop for sports clubs. It is still running and costs about 10$ to operate per year.


In 2019 I built a serverless scheduler which tested the limits of various AWS services. The companion article got a retweet by Jeff Barr himself and eventually lead to me joining AWS in Berlin, Germany.

In 2020 I was awarded with a serverless star for my continuos contributions to the serverless community as well as the broader coding community. I can highly recommend Jeremy’s Off By None Newlsetter.


In my freetime I enjoy helping others learning new technologies and building products. Check out the after movie from the Climathon 2019 that I helped organize.


Privacy is key! I am curious about what my audience enjoys in general and that’s it.

Blog Analytics

This blog uses Fathom Analytics which is a privacy focused analytics tool with no cookies required. Their customer support is the fastest I’ve ever seen (less than 30 minutes to respond to my mails). If you want to try it as well, please use this affiliate link which supports me and gives you a $10 discount on your first invoice.

Newsletter Analytics

I strongly share Corey’s stance on newsletter analytics. Check out what he has to say!.

To see what newsletter formats work, I use little pixels which tell me if mails were opened as well as link counters. I don’t care if you opened a mail or not, but if the my general audience does. That way I can test various formats and get real data on my experiments. I can also stop sending mail to those who don’t read the newsletter anyway.

In terms of privacy, tracking pixels are a pretty difficult topic. I thought long and hard about these and realized that eventually the aggregated data is a incredibly useful.

If you do not wish to receive individualised tracking pixels, please tell me and I’ll move you to a dedicated group.